Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let Us Make Them According to Our Likeness

Almost everyone knows about the saying that "Adam was created in the image of the Almighty". And since everybody descended from Adam, every man and woman is beautiful. Yet Some people say that beauty is only skin deep, but the Almighty doesn't have skin. Then what pattern and likeness of Himself did the Almighty took for a model to make people as beautiful as us? With eyes, ears, nose, lips, body, limbs and everything?

Can the blue Sapphire Stone Tablets, where the Ten Commandments were written, tell us anything about the Almighty's likeness from which we have been patterned?

The Ten Commandments as written by the finger of the Almighty begins with "Anoki Yahweh" which is translated as "I Am Yahweh". This is seemingly a very plain and simple statement but, mind you, it is not as plain and simple as we think it is!

"Anoki Yahweh" is expressed in Paleo-Hebrew hieroglyphic symbols with the second word "Yahweh" having 4 symbols represented as "Yod", "He", "Waw", "He". Some would write it down as YHWH. It is the name of the Almighty and very few noticed that the name as written in the blue Sapphire Stone Tablets does gives us an idea of the image of the Almighty from where we have been patterned. How could a single word portray His image?

Paleo-Hebrew hieroglyphics is a system of picture writing taught by the Most High to the children of Israel via the Ten Commandments in two tablets of stone. It is the personal handwriting of the Most High. In Paleo-Hebrew symbolisms, the first two letters "Yod-He" means Giver of Life/Light. The Almighty here describes himself as "Anoki Yah..." which means "I am the Giver of Life, I am the Giver of Light". The last two letters "Waw-He" means justice and mercy (Waw) unto life (He). "Anoki Yahweh" in symbolism would therefore mean "I Am the Just and Merciful Giver of Life". The Almighty here by His name describes the picture of His nature. (To read more on the name of Yahweh, click on link: http://sapphire-stone-tablets.blogspot.com/2008/11/sapphire-stone-tablets-what-name-should.html)

And how would those representations on the name of Yahweh relate to us? Man and woman were created in the image of Yahweh's nature, beauty that is deeper than the skin. Both man and woman were made as givers of life as He has instructed them "Replicate and multiply". And this is not a plain command to make babies, but an instruction to continue the creation and active formation of the likeness of the Almighty through procreation. They are not just to have children, but to raise just and merciful children.

Men and women are not just faces, skins and bodies; they were created in the image of the goodness of their Maker. Both of them, and their offsprings, those that they replicate, are to bear the nature of the Almighty - just and merciful givers and supporters of life. As the Almighty is, so shall we be, and those that come after us. As it was said: "Let us make them according to our likeness."

And You Shall Call His Name "Yahshua"...

Has anyone not heard of a Jewish Savior born of a virgin mother in the town of Bethlehem? Probably none. But, surely, not everyone knows him by his Hebrew name.

Before the conversion of Paul into the Messianic faith, he was a Roman soldier actively in pursuit of the people, men and women, who were followers of the Messiah. He went as far as the city of Damascus in Syria but before he got into any of the synagogues there, a heavenly light brighter than the sun engulfed and blinded him that he fell to the ground. As Paul recounts in Acts 26:14-15, "And when we all had fallen to the ground, I heard a voice speaking to me and saying in the Hebrew language, 'Shaul, Shaul, lamah tardepheni qashe leka libeot badarbonot' (Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me? It is hard for you to kick against the goads). So I said, "Who are you, master?" And he said, "Anoki Yahshua asher athah rodeph" (I am Yahshua whom you are persecuting).

Remember that Yoseph (Joseph), the Messiah's foster father, was instructed by an angel through a dream to call and name Miriam's (Mary) child, who was yet to be born, as Yahshua, for the role of saving his people from their sins. Why a Hebrew name? Why not Latin, Greek, or English?

What could the hieroglyphics of the blue Sapphire Stone Tablets say about "Yahshua", the name of the Hebrew Messiah? The name Yahshua is written with 5 hieroglyphic symbols from the Sapphire Stone Tablets and those are "Yod", "He", "Shin", "Waw" and "Ayin".

Notice that the name of the Hebrew Messiah has a "Yod" and a "He" which symbols can also be found in the name of the Most High. This is not surprising, the name Yahshua is linked to the name of the Heavenly Father Yahweh (click to link to the article: What Name Should I Tell Them?). Yahshua's calling is related to the intentions of Yahweh, the Giver of Life (the meaning of "Yod-He"). And what could be the intention of the Giver of Life?

The last 3 hieroglyphic symbols "Shin", "Waw" and "Ayin" depicts more. "Shin" is symbol of fire, that which consumes, digest, breaks down and assimilates. It is a symbol of wisdom. "Waw" is symbolized by a weighing scale, a beam connecting two items of value - a price for a purchase. It symbolizes mercy and justice - mercy justifies. It symbolizes sacrifice and atonement, it relates this 2 items of value. "Ayin" is symbolized by an eye, the receptor of light, the window for the heart and mind.

"Shin", "Waw", and "Ayin" combined, prounounced "shua" means salvation. We are saved when our heart and mind perceived the light, for confusion is in darkness. We are saved when we understand because our path is made straight. We are saved when we receive mercy for our transgressions are forgiven.

The angel was right, "You shall call his name Yahshua, for he shall save his people from their sins." He is the salvation of Yahweh, and there is no other name given under heaven by which all men might be saved.